“The Master” Trailer

Favorite trailer in a long time. Since, well, the “There Will Be Blood,” trailer. God bless P.T. Anderson.

Top 5 Female Vocalists


5. Victoria Legrand

Victoria Legrand

Words like haunting, husky, and ethereal are fine ways of describing Beach House’s Victoria Legrand’s vocals. But her raspy range can soar, especially when accompanied by the seductive arrangements of her backing band. Legrand continues to put out albums and songs that showcase her beautiful, hoarse, angelic voice, and we continue to enjoy them.

4. Kate Bush

Kate Bush

While it’s true that Kate Bush may be most well-known today for her single “This Woman’s Work,” (courtesy John Hughes and American Idol), Kate Bush has put out nearly ten LP’s featuring that strange, glassy voice, and has been recording music since 1975 (two years before I was born). After a life break, she is back with a new album and proof that the greatest gifts age well with time.

3. Mimi Parker

Mimi Parker

It’s chilly in Duluth, MN. But upon the icy shores of Lake Superior was borne the chilling falsetto of Mimi Parker, one half of the two-headed mastermind that is known as Low. Check out this clip if you would like to hear what it sounds like to actually freeze the sun.

2. Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard, Australian by way of Ireland, conceived of her band Dead Can Dance with English songwriter Brendan Perry back in 1981. She has amassed an outstanding catalog of solo and collaborative work as well, and chances are that you’ve heard her music in some of your favorite films (Heat, Black Hawk Down, The Insider, The Passion of the Christ, Man on Fire, to name a few). Her voice is an elegant, other-worldly contralto that is hard to describe with words. Better to just listen, and enjoy.

1. Elizabeth Fraser

Elizabeth Fraser

Without question one of the most special vocalists of this or any era. Her falsetto is unique unto itself and brimming with a magical trill that sends shivers up your spine. Her work with Cocteau Twins has produced some of the most mesmerizing and distinctive music ever made. In a sense, her band epitomized the 4AD sound throughout the bulk of the 1990’s.

Water Line

Neil Craver

Neil Craver

Neil Craver

Neil Craver

Neil Craver

The art of Neil Craver.

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