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Why Haven’t You Heard This Band?


Jus Post Bellum

The Brooklyn band Jus Post Bellum loves the Civil War more than most. They write sincere songs about John Wilkes Booth, cotton gins, sons of sharecroppers, Stonewall Jackson, and Confederate clarions, all with a passionate immediacy that conjures Colin Meloy at his best.

Timeless songs for these fast, forgetful times.

Jus Post Bellum

They compose their dusty folk songs in multiple movements in the fashion of your favorite Fleet Foxes tunes, and I would put them in league with any of your favorite singer/songwriter, indie folk troupes without hesitation.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask my six year old daughter. She knows several of their songs by heart and enjoys them heartily. Wait, actually you can’t ask her,  that would be inappropriate.

Their sophomore album, Oh July, will be out soon, but their fantastic debut LP, Devil’s Winter, has been out for some time now.

So check them out already, will ya?

Jus Post Bellum

Why Haven’t You Bought This?


An Evil Guest by Gene Wolfe

Perhaps the better question is why haven’t I bought and read this yet? The answer: oh I will, and you should too. It’s a novel set 100 years in the future, but written with the diction and characterization of the old film noir era. For lovers of pulp fiction (not the Samuel L. Jackson kind) mixed with some Blade Runner meets H.P. Lovecraft-style sci-fi, this book promises to deliver.

Let’s all buy a copy and rejoice in its wonder together (I mean, it’s GOT to be great, right? It’s Mr. Wolfe after all).

Why Don’t I Live Here?


Prefab’s never looked so good. You can’t get these beauties in the states, but if you could, I just might have to start saving up. More info on the program on the HUF site.

Why Haven’t I Already Read This?


I haven’t read a ton of comic books in my life so far. But that might change with this new series called Mouse Guard. It’s an indie comic series exploring a mouse’s microcosm as seen through the lens of medieval England times, and it’s receiving rave reviews from various reputable sources. Oh, and it looks pretty dang cool too.

Check out some more art from David Petersen, creator of Mouse Guard.

Why Haven’t You Bought Me This?


Just look at the following images from the book “The Deep,” and you’ll see what might be the most beautiful and terrifying photographs taken of the deep sea, like ever (sorry Blue Planet). I need to get this book, and soon.

Fanfin Seadevil

Unidentified Species

Scaly Dragonfish

Johnson Sea Link-1

Why Haven’t You Listened to This?


I went to see Martha Wainwright at the Troubadour, and Jesca Hoop was the opening act. She played part of her set solo (just her voice and her guitar), and part of her set with two harmony singers (there were a couple of those songs where her friends the Ditty Bops came up to lend their voices as well).

Needless to say, Jesca was a standout for me (though Wainwright was also very good). I looked her up and found out one of her songs was highly requested on KCRW (not surprising), and also found some other tidbits (she was a nanny for Tom Waits, but not before being raised a strict Mormon, where MTV was banned and such and such).

I grabbed her album that night, and I’ve been playing it quite a bit. She reminds me of a weird blend of Fiona Apple, Kate Bush, and Nina Persson from The Cardigans. But it’s easier to listen to her music than to trust my vocal concoction.

Listen to “Seed of Wonder” and “Enemy” for a better reflection of why I’m digging her stuff.

Why Haven’t You Rented This Lately?


If the above 12 actors aren’t enough reason to go back and check out “Thin Red Line,” the tragically overlooked war movie (maybe one of the best war movies of all time), then at least see it so you can tell your friends you have been watching Terrence Malick films of late, and that you can’t wait until Tree of Life comes out, to see Brad Pitt and Sean Penn search for immortality.

That’ll get them thinking your scholarly!

Why Can’t I Stop Laughing At This?


Please take five minutes out of your life and read this article. I lost about three pounds from laughter upon first reading, and another two pounds cumulatively in telling others about it. I can’t do this guy’s writing justice, just go and read it, and keep reading, until you reach the end.

Why Don’t I Own This?


Man, it sure would be cool to have one of these giant tesla coils. It would be, like, the best anti-theft mechanism money could buy. Someone tries to break in? I just flip the switch and the coins in that guy’s pocket go molten.

Why Don’t I Love This?


Baz Luhrmann wrote and directed this upcoming film; Nicole Kidman (usually a solid actress) stars alongside Hugh Jackman; the story feels in parts whimsical, and in others epic. So why am I not thrilled for Australia to come out? Let’s start at the top.

(1) I just had vision of Jackman coming out of a saloon full of banditos and carving a giant ‘C’ on another bandito’s blouse with his retractable metal claws, then proclaiming he is Zorro’s second cousin Carcayú (Wolverine en español).

(2) Man, I hope Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsdale don’t have a kissing scene in this movie. It was hard enough watching it happen the first time in Pearl Harbor.

(3) Marcus Aurelius would be proud. So would Ridley Scott. And the dozen or so multi-vitamin commercials that have also used this masterful cinematic hand-grazing-wheat moment.

(4) “There’s a whole ocean of oil under our feet, and no-one can get at it but me!” Oh wait, that was a different movie, with a better actor. Whoops.