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The Lost Film Rolls Vol. 4

The forth installment depicts the ones I love the most. My wife Erin, our late pup Atticus, and Chris and Tim, my wife’s parents.

Reedsburg (2005)

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 4

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 4

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 4

In the winter of 2005, we took a trip up to Reedsburg, WI, where my wife’s family had a cabin for many years. Not too far from their cabin is an isolated tree farm, where you can cut down your own Christmas tree. So we did.

It was Atticus’ last outing with us, and a special one at that. So needless to say it was a great surprise to find a roll of hidden gems.

The Lost Film Rolls Vol. 3

Now I’m going back to the beginning of my relationship with my wife. This is the year we met…

Road Trip (1998)

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 3

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 3

We packed up our stuff and drove from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. My wife had taken a job as an assistant at House of Usher (commercial director Kinka Usher’s production company). I decided to spend a semester at Otis Parsons.

The trip was just that, a trip. We had a Toyota U-Haul, a run down Chevy Celebrity, and our puppy Atticus. We also had a windshield wiper malfunction in Denver, and got snowed in 45 minutes down the road in the Rocky Mountains (Idaho Springs, CO).

I liked this image pair. Something about looking back, and seeing blackbirds and emptiness. We never did make it back to Minneapolis, not exactly. I wonder if we ever will?

The Lost Film Rolls Vol. 2

The Lost Film Rolls continue with a pair of images I find both haunting and nostalgic. The subjects of these photos are Atticus, Scout, and Christine (my wife’s mother).

Barrington (2005)

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 2

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 2

Both a sad and happy year for me, as it was the year my wife and I lost our first dog Atticus. He had lymphoma, and had begun shutting down into an even deeper state of lethargy (for those who knew Atticus, you will know how mellow that actually means).

However, in the second image, you’ll see my mother-in-law holding our second (and current) dog Scout. For all the OCD tendencies Scout has (he licks everything, and fixates like none other) he is a fun addition to our household.

The Lost Film Rolls Vol. 1

This is the first in a series of five volumes, each revealing a couple images from lost film rolls I have had developed. This is a phenomenon we are all familiar with, but it’s still like Christmas Day when you show up to pick up your developed rolls of film from God-knows-when.

Rome (2002)

Lost Film Rolls vol. 1

Lost Film Rolls vol. 1

Here are a pair of double exposures that cropped up on one of my rolls. The images are of Rome, the city wherein my wife and I were married, which makes it sort of tragic, as these are the only two photos that developed on this roll (the rest came out blank).

I think the film must have gotten caught and stopped advancing. Strangely, I have a vague recollection of this happening, almost seven years ago now.

At least the two that did develop are sort of interesting to look at. Maybe there’s a metaphor in the whole thing, but I’m not caffeinated enough to figure it out.

Desperate for Love

Here is a music video I co-curated with Bran Dougherty-Johnson from PSST!. We came up with the idea of having 7 teams participate in interpreting sections of the song. The results were unexpected and fun to see come together.

Over the Rhine 01

Over the Rhine 02

Over the Rhine 03

Over the Rhine 04

View Quicktime.

A big thanks to all the participants. Here they are, in order of appearance:

Team 1: Ryan Dunn (me)
Team 2: Paul Cayrol
Team 3: Masayoshi Nakamura + Erik Montovano
Team 4: Ryan Rothermel + Thai Tran
Team 5: Jon Saunders + Cary Janks
Team 6: Caroline Attia
Team 7: Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Lower Your Cholesterol

I shot a commercial. It’s on the television in America. Here it is:

And here are some images from the shoot:

Read More…

The Traffic Sea

A book I started, and never finished. I’ll finish it one day. It’s 150 pages complete, though still very first draft-ish. You can view a twenty page sample, if you like.

Steel the Boy Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from a short film I am writing…

Take Your Vitamins.

Or watch these two innocents meet their maker.