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Addicted to Wikipedia Random

Wikipedia Random

That’s right, as simple as it sounds, this simple url is mighty addictive. Simply create a bookmark to the following link (you can drag the link to your bookmarks bar in some browsers), and start the clicking . . .

Wikipedia Random

Here are three consecutive results I just got, to demonstrate how rad this can be:

Click 1: Jason Keep (Filipino Basketball Player)
Click 2: TUBB3 (A human gene)
Click 3: Surrender to the Blender (Album by the band King Prawn)

Addicted to Overheard in New York

For those who aren’t aware, there’s a website where people in New York can submit things they hear in the city — in a cab, on the street, in the subway, at the office, wherever. It’s simple in principle, and highly addictive to read through.

They tend to air on the side of low-brow dirty type conversations, but if you weed through, there are many gems.

Overheard in NYC

Overheard in NYC

Overheard in NYC

Check out Overheard in New York.

Addicted to Graph Jam

Graph Jam

Graph Jam

Graph Jam

Graph Jam

Graph Jam

No extra words needed.
Just visit the site.

Addicted to Graphic Exchange

Graphic ExchanGE

Fabien Barral has put together quite an impressive collection of inspiration at Graphic-ExchanGE. Have a perusal, if you are so inclined.

Addicted to Billy Wilder

Double Indemnity

The man’s writing, in a word, smoldered. Even something as mundane as an insurance salesman selling accident insurance to a lonely wife became a thing so tense, and so dramatic, that you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the screen as the scenes unfolded.

If you’ve not watched Double Indemnity, or happened to miss Sunset Boulevard, or perhaps you’ve never heard of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, or Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, then you’ve got some movies to Netflix. These films all have one thing in common, and that’s the taut, sharp writing of Billy Wilder.

Addicted to

Ever watch the news and feel like you’re getting nothing but spin, regardless of how objective the media tells you they are? I feel that way, and usually have to balance my CNN viewing with some FOXNEWS just to see two sides of the same issue.

Well that’s where comes in handy, because it tries its hardest to demystify the BS you tend to see on a day-to-day basis from both sides of the aisle. And I’ve found it to be a great tool. Perhaps they favor the left just a LITTLE more in their choice of articles (out of the 12 articles on the homepage, for instance, 2 of them debunked Obama, while 6 of them debunked McCain, leaving 8 articles comparing both candidates at once).

In any case, if you’re dizzy from the political spin, check it out, and get a better sense of what’s going on in the political world.

Addicted to UNWRAPPED

This Food Network show is like the parts of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood where he would tour those factories and discover how things were really made.

Only like a thousand times better, because as a snack food junkie, I get to see where all the treats I know and love truly come from.

It helps that Marc Summers is the host (for most all episodes), since I always enjoyed Double Dare on Nickelodeon when I was a boy. A little nostalgia just helps set the mood.

If you haven’t checked this show out yet, please do. Here are a couple Youtube clips I found . . .

Candy Corn


Corn Dogs

Disney World

Addicted to Writing

Until this post, I’ve shown and not told. Meaning, I have always presented my posts as substantive things, rather than frivolous posts about what I did this weekend, or what I think of the economy. But I wanted to share with you a past time I have taken to ever since a fishing trip to Canada two years ago.

And that past time is writing.

I started ambitiously, conjuring up an idea for a fantasy novel where a moth colony performs a ritual in which one of them passes through “the light” every cycle, until one gets through and shatters its world into a billion fireflies, forming our stars. From there, I’ve concepted, drafted, or completed about 45 stories, some short, some flash, and some novels. Most of them are fantasy, sci-fi, or horror, though I have written a couple memoirs, and some standard fiction stories.

Below is a complete running list of the stories that have made their way out of my head, in one form or another. I share this with you as a demonstration of my addiction to writing, and my goal to become published some time in the future. All-in-all I have submitted about seven of these stories to about 20 or so publishers, all of them (so far) receiving rejections (though I have about 5 submissions in the ether at the time of this posting).

My stories thus far . . .


01. The Adventures of Bullseye Barracks (series)
02. Cabinet of Curiosities
03. Cloud People
04. The Coal Train
05. The Cowboy and His Elephant
06. Demons of Devgiri
07. Man on the Lake
09. Stalin’s Engine
10. Twin Flames
11. Before There Were Cavemen
12. Nebbish Pecksniffian (series)
13. Orphans
14. The Second Plague


01. Birthday Wish
02. Blue Sky Curse
03. Cloud Ship’s Bow
04. Diamond Tree
05. The Dragon Ships
06. Gunnysack
07. Honeypaw
08. Kingwood
09. Owl’s Breath
10. Trouble With Badgers
11. Want and Will
12. When the Wolves Come
13. The Accidental Camper
14. Death of a Dwarf Planet
15. The Diesels Are Coming
16. The Dryland Fisher
17. Forgotten Steps
18. A Future Self
19. Landscape With Librarian
20. The Last Branch
21. Shiny White Things
22. The Silent Nightingale
23. View With a Room
24. Wharren


01. The Lost Lantern (62,000 words)
02. The Traffic Seas (30,000 words)
03. Sunny Ridge Lane Memoirs (5,500 words)


01. Asparagus
02. Beneath His Rubber Boots
03. Crossbow
04. Secret Hiding Spot

Addicted to Faces of the Earth

These images speak for themselves. This site shows dozens more Faces of the Earth in this spirit, and some of them (as you can see here) are pretty awesome.

I’m sure Pixar will have something coming out soon using Faces of the Earth as the basis for their character design, much like they used Nick Park as the basis for their Cars film.

Check out the parent site, Flabbergastedly, for other photographic oddities found around the interweb. And Thanks Alex for the link to the link, wherever that may be.

Addicted to SHORPY

What a treasure trove this website is. I almost feel naked sharing it with you like this; I want to keep it all to myself. But this 590+ page blog about “old photos and what life a hundred years ago was like,” is just too great to keep from you.

What’s even greater, is that all of the images are hi-res. Some of them are very, very high res. It seems the author of Shorpy, Dave, puts a lot of time and effort into bringing us these images, and it’s special to sift through the pages, getting lost in another time.

But don’t take my word for it. Go snoop around Shorpy for yourself, and get lost like I did.