Why Haven’t You Heard This Band?


Jus Post Bellum

The Brooklyn band Jus Post Bellum loves the Civil War more than most. They write sincere songs about John Wilkes Booth, cotton gins, sons of sharecroppers, Stonewall Jackson, and Confederate clarions, all with a passionate immediacy that conjures Colin Meloy at his best.

Timeless songs for these fast, forgetful times.

Jus Post Bellum

They compose their dusty folk songs in multiple movements in the fashion of your favorite Fleet Foxes tunes, and I would put them in league with any of your favorite singer/songwriter, indie folk troupes without hesitation.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask my six year old daughter. She knows several of their songs by heart and enjoys them heartily. Wait, actually you can’t ask her,  that would be inappropriate.

Their sophomore album, Oh July, will be out soon, but their fantastic debut LP, Devil’s Winter, has been out for some time now.

So check them out already, will ya?

Jus Post Bellum

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