Cass McCombs’ “County Line”

Cass McCombs’ album “Wit’s End,” came out back in April, and it’s been a slow burn for me. My apathy had nothing to do with how laid back, quiet, reserved and melancholic it was, because I rather like all of those qualities in an album. I think it may have been the general coating of malaise spread over top of everything, a suffocating feeling like sleeping with a garbage bag for a blanket.

However, in returning to the album a couple of months later—and a couple of months wiser—I now find beauty in the despondence, comfort in its distance. And the above video for lead track and single, “County Line,” expresses that tone perfectly. What I first construed as depressed alienation I now embrace as the echo of a comforting voice across a windless field.

I intend to wrap myself up in this album for a little while, and see how it fits. The good news is that it’s not a garbage bag for a blanket after all, more like a coarse but cozy wool. Hard to sell that to you as Summer breathes down our neck, but the nights can get chilly.

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