Danish Inventions

This one is for you, Kim; a succinct list of Danish inventions, in no particular order:

  1. The LEGO
  2. Danish Pastry
  3. Femidom (female condom)
  4. Hans Christian Anderson
  5. Syno-pal (skid-resistant highway surface)
  6. The Typewriter
  7. Krarup cable (submarine loading cable)
  8. Femi-X (female viagra)
  9. The O-Ring
  10. C++ Programming
  11. Drum Motor (used to power conveyor belts)
  12. Ussing Chamber (measures electrical currents through tissue)
  13. Magnetic Wire Recorder (NOT magnetic tape, as used in casettes)
  14. Dry Cell Battery (sort of, later: Duracell)
  15. Fiber Trim (a diet pill)
  16. The Corn Thresher
  17. pH scale
  18. Dogme 95 (avant-garde filmmaking movement)
  19. Electromagnetic Coil (used in tattoo machines and doorbells)
  20. Telegraphy (long-distance transmission of messages)
  21. Triplane (airplane with three wings)
  22. Aqua Wall (indoor waterfall)
  23. DiaTest (saliva collection kit)
  24. Hex (board game)

And here’s a fairly useless (and mostly incorrect) Youtube tribute to some of the “top” Danish Inventions…

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