Miller “Chill”

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi NY
Creative Directors: Ralph Watson, Andy Carrigan
Exec. Producer: Jerry Boyle

Production Company
Michael Schrom & Co.
Director/DP: Michael Schrom
Exec. Producer: Carl Sturges

Ladies & Gentlemen
Creative Director: Ryan Dunn
Exec. Producer: Brendan O’Malley
Design: Shaun Collings, Ryan Dunn
Edit: Ashley Kreamer
Animation/Compositing: Marco Giampaolo, Eric Bauer
Music: Dodos “Visiter”

If you like sports, or if you watch television at night, you may have seen this commercial already. It is an spot I recently completed at my new studio Ladies & Gentlemen, in collaboration with Michael Schrom. The agency approached us with the request to reshoot and rework a concept they had already produced and shelved. Instead of giving their previous commercial a face lift, we asked that we be able to reimagine the whole thing, taking their brief to heart as we came up with a new concept.

Saatchi & Saatchi were very open to the idea, so we presented a new idea, and they loved it.

The concept was actually quite simple: Eschew gimmicky design for straight-up appetite appeal. We were pleased with the results, and so was the client. What separates this commercial (intentionally) from the competition is the risk the agency was willing to take with the music/editorial.

In more conservative hands, we may have ended up with a typical faux-Latin music track somewhere between Macarena and Spice Girls. Instead, our insistence upon keeping an early Dodos track in the mix yielded strong results. It gave us a hazy summer strum to cut to, with crescendos and lulls galore, and also took the beer to a slightly  classier place, something that only amplifies the already tasty close-up beer performance.

After watching the sheer, uncontrollable, unadulterated beauty unfold before your merely mortal eyes, it may surprise you to find out that I have never once sipped a single drop of beer in my life. Scout’s honor.

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