Magnolia Electric Co. “Josephine”

Magnolia Electric Co. "Josephine"

My second favorite active songwriter in the known world is back with his band Magnolia Electric Co., set to release their fourth proper LP, Josephine, on July 21.

Here’s to hoping the new album shines as brightly as the Songs:Ohia final LP (Named Magnolia Electric Co.), and not as much like Trials & Errors, which was good not great.

This album is loosely dedicated to late band member, bassist, and key contributor Even Farrell, who died in a tragic apartment fire early in 2008. Molina is very proud of this album (“When I walked out of the studio, I knew that we had done something important.” -via Pitchfork). He feels it is so raw and naked he may never even listen to it.

We will do him that honor, with honor.

Mp3. “Farewell Transmission”
Mp3. “Just Be Simple”
Mp3. “It’s Made Me Cry”


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