Silhouettes Unite!

Not going to say too much here, but our friends at Digital Kitchen certainly have no shortage of inspiration. Here is a piece they did for Seattle International Film Festival, 2009. Compare that with Portland Studio’s “Dutemps” project for Zune-Arts, 2008.

I know what you’re going to say: “But wait! In the first example it’s an old man with a flask, and the second example it’s a boy with a lantern.”

But seriously, let’s be real; the pieces bare a eerily strange resemblance in palette, technique, and execution to one another. The concepts are different sure, audio, etc. but it’s still a good idea to push things far enough away from the source so that the police (ie. me) don’t come out of the woodwork to make a point of it.

Portland Studios vs. Digital Kitchen

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“Silhouettes Unite!”