Aderbat @ Piano’s NYC

Aderbat @ Piano's NYC

Last night I also had the privilege of seeing Aderbat play at Piano’s. I had the pleasure of drinks with some of the band after the show as well, thanks to their friend and associate Quang (who runs the Philly Deli site).

Aderbat played a short set on behalf of Asha for Education, an annual fundraiser held each year (at this venue I think, though don’t quote me on that). Four bands played, I watched two and a half (had to get to Efterklang after all). I have to say, I was impressed with what Aderbat pulled off in this less-than-small venue.

First of all I get to say I played the roadie, kind of. Well, I helped the keyboardist/drummer Craig Hendrix plug in some of his gear, and handed him his New Castle which was on the bar where I was sitting (apparently the high point of his evening, yuk yuk). Okay, onto the actual show, which was a good mix of brand new jams from a rumored summer release, alongside some of their older material. I think the set was about eight or nine songs in total. Just enough to whet your appetite, and leave you wanting more.

I’ve remarked in the past that lead singer Matt Taylor reminds me a bit of Jeremy Enigk and Josh Rouse. A strange combo, but if you listen to their respective music, I bet you’ll agree. I failed to mention Davey von Bohlen (The Promise Ring, Maritime), another vocal and sonic comparison I would say is valid. All that aside, Taylor has his own thing going on, and you notice it mostly in the songwriting. He is more immediate than Enigk, less sunny than Maritime, and a little less pastoral than Rouse (even before those random European-themed and generally crappy albums).

I can’t say enough about the drumming either. Todd Shied (who visually reminds me a bit of Jason Molina) played so incessantly that I worried he may at some point press the eject button on his chair and launch headlong into the crowd. You could feel the pent up energy channeling through his playing. Band newcomer Craig Hendrix (of Bon Savants quasi-fame) had a mini-kit of his own, along with his guitar and keyboard, and I particularly loved it when both he and Todd attacked the drums together.

For such a small stage, with such a mixed crowd (most were there to see Eighty East, an Indian rock/folk band), I must reiterate my delight at how good the set sounded. I’m also excited (as I was with Efterklang) about Aderbat’s new material. The songs sound very good, and Matt Taylor knows how to write “hits”.

Whether he really wants to or not, well we’ll see, and I’ll be fine either way.



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