The Lost Film Rolls Vol. 5

This ends the first batch of Lost Film Rolls, another road trip. Fitting right? I’m sure there will be more, but for now, thanks for experiencing these with me.

Road Trip (2001)

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 5

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 5

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 5

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 5

So LA was a bust, and we had moved up to San Francisco in 1999. I started a fledgling web design company called Spinalchord, which lasted 9 months before failing (dot com crash). I took a staff job at a mediocre web studio called Thunk Design before realizing I couldn’t really take the web design thing anymore.

My wife found a job listing through the AIGA (one of the few perks she enjoyed at another design company). It appeared I would be designing interfaces for refrigerators or something.

And so it was written: I took the job in Chicago at a motion graphics company called Digital Kitchen (they were just starting up their Chicago office, and I was asked to come on board and help get things going).

These photos cropped up on our journey from San Francisco to Chicago. I have a bunch more, but four landscapes is more than enough to demonstrate my film roll findings.

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