The Lost Film Rolls Vol. 3

Now I’m going back to the beginning of my relationship with my wife. This is the year we met…

Road Trip (1998)

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 3

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 3

We packed up our stuff and drove from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. My wife had taken a job as an assistant at House of Usher (commercial director Kinka Usher’s production company). I decided to spend a semester at Otis Parsons.

The trip was just that, a trip. We had a Toyota U-Haul, a run down Chevy Celebrity, and our puppy Atticus. We also had a windshield wiper malfunction in Denver, and got snowed in 45 minutes down the road in the Rocky Mountains (Idaho Springs, CO).

I liked this image pair. Something about looking back, and seeing blackbirds and emptiness. We never did make it back to Minneapolis, not exactly. I wonder if we ever will?

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“The Lost Film Rolls Vol. 3”