The Lost Film Rolls Vol. 2

The Lost Film Rolls continue with a pair of images I find both haunting and nostalgic. The subjects of these photos are Atticus, Scout, and Christine (my wife’s mother).

Barrington (2005)

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 2

Lost Film Rolls Vol. 2

Both a sad and happy year for me, as it was the year my wife and I lost our first dog Atticus. He had lymphoma, and had begun shutting down into an even deeper state of lethargy (for those who knew Atticus, you will know how mellow that actually means).

However, in the second image, you’ll see my mother-in-law holding our second (and current) dog Scout. For all the OCD tendencies Scout has (he licks everything, and fixates like none other) he is a fun addition to our household.

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