Lost in Manhattan

Behold, a rare rant…

(Apologies in advance.)

I left my job in Chicago to pursue a career in New York City. I have friends here… somewhere… but for now I am in a hotel room alone.

My very precious daughter Grace and very pregnant wife Erin are all back home while I figure this new (ad)venture out, which makes it all the lonelier.

Lost in Manhattan

I felt like pausing here, to exhale and put these words down somewhere. I’ve always been the reclusive type, preferring a quiet corner of the room to its noisy epicenter. But for some reason, this time, here, the isolation is cold. Or is that the wind chill?

I realize New York is not going to find me, I have to discover New York. I’ll get there, soon, when I’m done getting lost.

Thank you for listening.

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“Lost in Manhattan”