I’ve Known Mornings White as Diamonds.

Alela Diane

If you haven’t heard of Alela Diane, now is the time. Imagine Marissa Nadler and Dido throwing a going away party for Meg Baird of The Espers, and they all sat around the table holding hands in a seance and accidentally conjured up the spectral visage of Alela Diane. (Cat Power was invited, but she never showed up.)

If that isn’t obtuse enough, try listening to her songs only once. It’s not possible; they are far too pleasant and far too unsettling. Banjos light up the room beneath her minor key, and as she slips in and out of falsetto, layered acoustic guitars line the entrance to keep you stuck under her folk-laden witchcraftian spell.

“White As Diamonds”
“The Ocean”
“Tatted Lace”

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