Addicted to Fraggle Rock

For the unfortunate readers who have never watched Fraggle Rock, it was a television series created by Jim Henson featuring his signature muppet designs. It ran for four seasons (96 episodes) in the US, on HBO. It was on-air from 1983 to 1987. It featured Fraggles, Gorgs, Doozers, and Silly Creatures (humans), and was created with the grand hopes of bringing peace to the world (seriously).

For the rest of you out there, wasn’t this show AMAZING?

Fraggle Rock

So many things I can talk about here. How the Fraggles’ main food source are the buildings made by the Doozers (out of radish dust). Or how the main character’s uncle (Traveling Matt) is always out exploring “Outer Space” (the human world).

Gobo, Wembley, Boober, Mokey and Red are the five main characters of the show, and if you can find a funnier puppet than Boober in any television show, I’d love to hear about it. His lines are just too much “That sure was a spirited mosey!” and “I pride myself on my inability to guffaw.” are just two examples.

Fraggle Rock

Then there’s the Gorgs. Ma and Pa Gorg (queen and king of the universe, respectively), and their goofy son Junior Gorg, who’s main hobby is trying to catch Fraggles. “Look ma! I caught a Fwaggle!”

Fraggle Rock

Or what about Marjory the all knowing trash heap, and her two rat sidekicks Philo and Gunge? She is the oracle of the show, and often provides a handy little moral for the Fraggles (and us) to follow.

Fraggle Rock

I could tell you about the real human, inventor Doc Crystal, and his (puppet) dog Sprocket. How in each episode Doc gets a postcard from Traveling Matt addressed to Gobo Fraggle and throws it in the trash, only to be retrieved and read by Gobo to the rest of the Fraggles.

I could go on and on (and on), but I think the best idea would be for you to buy or rent the first season on DVD and (re)discover it for yourself.

Fraggle Rock

This is probably one of the most imaginative children’s series ever put on the screen, thanks in large part to HBO’s willingness to let Jim Henson and his team just go for it.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I do believe it’s time for you to head down to Fraggle Rock.

Learn More.

Buy the DVD.

Disclaimer: Fraggles DO like to sing and dance, but fortunately the 80’s vernacular makes the songs forgivable.

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