Addicted to bolachas grátis

bolachas grátis

With about a dozen authors posting full length albums every day, this is probably one of the most amazing blogs around. If you like music. The premise is simple: these guys post an album to “try”, they accompany this with a link to buy it, and then they post an excerpt of a review from some other site (varies from album to album).

They have been posting three or four albums a day for over two years now. I counted about 1,400 albums on there, but likely more than that. I love the fact that I’ve only heard of about 5% of these artists, and the genius move to include professional reviews really gives you a feel for the album before blindly downloading (most of these are rapidshare links, and unless you pay for a premium account, you are kind of limited to one album an hour).

I can’t stop perusing these gems, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as well.

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