Bad Word Pairs #021

“Wicker Furniture”

I am a believer in the luxury of comfort. Many do not have this luxury, and so for those of us who do enjoy it, we ought to be grateful. That is why, whether it be a sofa, a chair, even a love-seat, furniture should NOT give you splinters.

Which is what wicker furniture, especially well-worn, heavily used wicker furniture, runs the risk of doing. When I’m watching a TV show and reach over for that bowl of popcorn, I don’t want to be nervous about dragging my arm across the wicker arm and pulling hairs from my flesh.

I also just dislike the creak of wicker when moving or leaning whilst seated. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me.

UPDATE: This, I just realized, is my 300th post. Hooray for me!

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“Bad Word Pairs #021”