BMW Art Cars

Thank you David for bringing these to my attention. No-one ever told me this, but apparently BMW has been commissioning artists since the 70’s to give their classic models custom paint jobs. Looks like they’ve trailed off as of late, but this is definitely worth checking out.

What i think is most intriguing is how the cars, if you lay them out in a timeline, are a great reflection of the state of art/design over the years (the 90’s specifically stick out as particularly terrible). After 1982, I’d say these cars started to look worse and worse. Look for yourself.

Here are my six favorite, of the 15 they have done so far (they also happen to be the first six) . . .

BMW Art Car 04



BMW Art Car 03



BMW Art Car 01



BMW Art Car 02



BMW Art Car 06



BMW Art Car 05


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