Bad Word Pairs #019

“Troubled Assets”

By now we are all aware of the $700 billion bailout signed into law by the government. But I’m not sure many (including myself until recently) really understand how much money that is. With $700 billion you could send a stimulus check to every single American over the age of 18 for $3.5 million.

The reason for this bailout is to buy up the “troubled assets” now left by the greedy assholes on Wall Street who treated the American Dream like the hottest stock on the market . . . and lost once they noticed that house prices couldn’t sky rocket forever. And now they’re nationalizing their losses, and asking the American people to pay it back with their tax dollars, the same Americans they used to get into their little mess in the first place.

Give me a break with these “troubled assets.” It makes me nauseous just thinking about them. It’s hard to scale back the size of government when the free market is knocking on its door to stop the greed-mongers from throwing our country into a full on depression.

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