The Wrong Eyed Concept

I’m not one to throw stones, but this is too unsettling to let fly under the radar. For those in the industry of design and film, namely film titles, you’ll know that Digital Kitchen (a place I once worked) has racked up more Emmy’s than most can boast to have. Six Feet Under, Dexter, Ghost Whisperer (that’s another story entirely), and so on.

And now Digital Kitchen has been solicited by Alan Ball to create the titles for his latest television series, True Blood, due this fall on HBO.

Which is fine, I wish them the best. But when the best their creative director can do is come up with a thin concept which relies largely on the imagery and compositions already put out by a documentary, “Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus,” I have to raise my hand in protest. Have a look at the following image comparisons, then watch the two respective clips, and decide for yourself.

Wrong Blood 01

The ole’ abandoned vehicle in the woods trick. I get it.

Wrong Blood 02

At least they chose baptists instead of evangelicals.

Wrong Blood 03

Props for using the Friday Night Lights art direction (red key, string lights in background.)

Wrong Blood 05

UPDATE. This one is actually ripped from a Chris Cunningham video. Undercranked nude contortionists tightly cropped. Wow.

Wrong Blood 04

I don’t know how this is even remotely permissible. Is it that hard to come up with your own idea?


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