Addicted to PREFAB HOMES

A prefabricated home is a modular home made in part or entirely from components made beforehand in a factory. The idea and allure behind prefabricated homes, however, is multi-faceted.

First, there is the mass-production aspect, wherein certain types of prefab homes can be built off-site, and sometimes even completely so, meaning you could have a new home in under 3 months, fully built and ready to live in.

Another aspect is the green factor. It is possible to be creative with the prebuilt elements, using shipping crates, recycled woods, etc. to create a home that is eco-friendly.

Finally, from a design standpoint, prefab lives predominately in the modern arena. This is a good and a bad thing, because while I am a personal fan of the general aesthetic of prefab, many are not. What would be great would be a wider palette that more of middle-America can get into, so then we can replace all of the horrific monstrosities you see on your way out of any major metropolis as you head to Ikea to get a new filler coffee table.

There are some great resources out there about prefab homes and how to become a proud owner. Check out fabprefab, prefabs, and Prefabcosm for a start.

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“Addicted to PREFAB HOMES”