Blood vs. Country


I know that No Country for Old Men took the award for best picture at the Academy Awards, but I don’t see how the critics chose it over There Will Be Blood. For me, Blood was a stronger, more rewarding film. Daniel Day Lewis and P.T. Anderson gave me a glimpse into the foundation of the oil economy, and drew me deeper into a seemingly one-dimensional character than I thought I could have gotten.

No Country came off as a faithful retelling of a novel where the emptiness between action created the story’s tone. Which can work fine on paper, but on screen, with the Cohen Brothers at the helm, it felt desolate, a sketch of a film, a skeleton of an idea where the dots connected, vaguely, but didn’t really care if we the viewer did so. It was no Blood Simple, I can say that. All of this said, I still liked No Country.

I left No Country asking myself what I had just watched, and came up with a fragment of an idea. I left Blood with questions about the characters and their motivations, but the good kind, the kind that keep you talking for days on end.

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