Addicted to GEORGE R. R. MARTIN

I am only on the second book in this projected seven volume fantasy epic, but I can already tell you that A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favorites series’ of all time. Without getting into a detailed dissertation on why George R.R. Martin has reimagined the genre and brought a new way of looking at stayed archetypes, I will just say that this author knows how to create scenes. Each chapter is told from a different viewpoint of one of the central characters, and there are usually about six or seven characters we follow in each book. The format makes for sprawling, engaging storytelling, and the fantasy elements are not your typical trolls and dragons (though dragons do exist in some fashion).

HBO has actually optioned the rights to this series, and has a plan to turn each book into a single season of episodes. No news on the development yet, but plans had been made to shoot this series in New Zealand were it to go into production. It would be a very special series, and HBO would be the perfect venue for it (for there is plenty of murder, warring, sex, and betrayal to go around for everyone).

If you have avoided reading fantasy because you aren’t interested in wizards or hobbits, then this might be a series you should check out. There’s an alcoholic king, a sarcastic imp, a Tom Sawyer like young girl, and a foreign woman who isn’t too afraid of fire, to name a few.

Go check out the first book now, and buy the rest while you’re at it.

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“Addicted to GEORGE R. R. MARTIN”